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About Us

Reptiles Victoria Inc. is a group that primarily consists of committees and its members. These dedicated volunteers consist of herpetologists, reptile based veterinarians, zookeepers, licensed controllers and keepers.

We aim to provide resources about reptiles through workshops, training and an emergency network of rescuers, shelters, and controllers. This combination of resources assists everyday Victorians to get help, advice, and further their knowledge.


Reptiles Victoria Inc. is a not-for-profit group that aims to provide rescue, research, and education resources.

We work with volunteers to:
   ▪    To deliver a comprehensive rescue service
   ▪    Provide source of carers and rehabilitation efforts for injured reptiles
   ▪    Provide an educational resource for members of the public, rescuers, and wildlife carers
   ▪    Meet demand for assistance with nuisance reptiles
   ▪    Help re-home reptiles
   ▪    Provide workshops to update current knowledge through reptile veterinarians and other trainers (e.g. Dr Shane Simpson)
   ▪    Provide an emergency phone line for advisory and consultations
   ▪    Create and maintain partnerships with broad range of professional and respected organisations and individuals promoting reptile awareness


We work with reptile trained and experienced volunteers to help rescue/ rehabilitate injured reptiles. The team often may offer resources and information to veterinarians, other wildlife organizations, and welfare groups.


The team and volunteers have begun some studies into reptile ecological aspects of parasitology, behavioural and mortality. We have several projects currently underway.
   •    Undertake research projects.
   •    Reptile Manage
   •    Mortality of Urban Reptiles
   •    Urban natural History of Blue Tongues.


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